The Gallery

In the late 1980s, the famous Belarusian artist Kanstantsin Kachan had a romantic idea of ​​permanently living and working in his native land in Novogrudok (Belarusian: Navahrudak).

From that moment the creator began to make the first steps towards realizing the dream of his own gallery.

The possibility to make the conceived appeared only in 2005.

Then Kanstantsin Kachan bought a building with an area in the center of ancient Novogrudok.

But since the place was a historical monument, the approval of the necessary papers took 3 years.

The active construction of the gallery began in the summer of 2008.

The first visitors came to the picture gallery of Kanstantsin Kachan in 2012.

A grand opening was held on June 20, 2014.

From this date the official history of the gallery takes count.

Today, next to the gallery, there is an active construction of the second stage of the complex.

It is erected, like the main building, with the hands of Kanstantsin Kachan himself.

Over the years, the artist spent to realize the dream of an art estate, he could create dozens of paintings.

But at the moment Kanstantsin Kachan invests all his resources and resources in one of the first private galleries in Belarus.

This is the work of the life of the creator, which is of exceptional importance not only for him, but also for the culture of Novogrudok and the spiritual heritage of Belarus  in general.

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