Kastus Kachan private art gallery invites to cooperation

The one from the first private galleries, the one of the known belarusian artist Kastus Kachan, in the center of the ancient Navahrudak facing the Zamkavaja hill greets the visitors. 
The three-floored edifice in style of the traditional mansion (the architect L. Zdanevich) contains two exhibition halls and a studio. Here are exhibited the works of one of the best landscape painter of Belarus Kastus Kachan. The art critics call him the artist of belarusian small towns. The image of a still and silent 

life in the provinces against a background of the architectural monuments create a composition of the past and the modern. Landscapes and still lifes fascinate!
The art gallery receives guests and tourist groups, conducts excursions, gives master classes, makes creative events and invites to cooperation
During the excursion that often is given by the artist, the guests make the acquaintance of his creative work, observe periods of its progress (early and late periods), participate in a mini master class in the creation of a painting. 
The musical pause: to the visitors is proposed to play the piano, that stays in the hall and to get as a gift a souvenir card with the autograph of the artist.
To the attention of visitors is also proposed a collection of glass, of antique furniture and of household items. In the gallery, the classical music rings.

After that, in the antique finished coffee bar, the tea and coffee ceremony passes. To the guests are proposed herbal aromatic tea, fresh brewed coffee (at choice), tasty home-backed treats, candies. During the ceremony, the quality chat passes with the artist and his wife. Artist’s wife Zhanna tells about her collection of the ancient glass. An interesting quiz is proposed to the guests: they have to quesse the purpose and the name of ancient glass items. The one that guessed gets a souvenir card with the autograph of the artist. The guests ask questions, share their impressions, the live easy chat and the interchange of goods emotions go on
Usually the guests are very thankful for the reception.

You can find out the cost of an excursion by the phone numbers:

The artist and his wife will be happy to the guests!

Collection of glassware (in Belarusian language)

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