Summer in Lyutsinka

Summer in Lyutsinka. Canvas, oil. 80×118 cm.

In 1983 the Belarusian village of Lyutsinka (or Lucinka, as you prefer) inspired the artist Konstantin Kachan to paint a summer landscape.

This place in Valozhyn district of the Minsk region is filled with a special creative energy. It is not for anything that the famous writer and playwright Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich spent a lot of time here in the 19th century. His estate became a playground for the first professional theater, where Belarusian plays were staged.

And today in Lyutsinka the nature itself puts plays, and the main role in them the beauty of our land fulfills. 

The holiday of colors, the power of life, the richness of traditions, the energy of summer: Konstantin Kachan in his work has been able to convey the mood of this charming Belarusian village.

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